The ACA is Working: Ben’s Story

Ben D., Broome County

Posted December, 9 2014 by Amanda

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Enrolled in: Medicaid
Final premium: Free
Before the ACA, Ben was working on trying to get back on his feet.
Now, his coverage is free, so he can focus on raising his son and building his career.


Ben is a formerly incarcerated single father. His job at Walmart didn’t offer health insurance and paid him just over the Medicaid income limit. Ben’s son was already on Medicaid. He worried about going without insurance. What if he had an accident, who would take care of his son? “It was rough. I just tried to be as careful as possible,” Ben said. After hearing about the Medicaid expansion, he decided to see if he was eligible—and he was. Ben was able to sign up with the same managed care plan his son had, so that they could go to the same providers. Now he can focus on work, going back to school and raising his son.

“Insurance is important, and I knew I should have it.”

Special thanks to the Public Policy and Education Fund of New York for contributing this story!

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