The ACA is Working: Rocio’s Story

Rocio D., Brooklyn, NY

Posted October, 24 2014 by Amanda

brooklynEnrolled in: Medicaid
Final premium: $0
Before the ACA, Rocio was paying for an unaffordable COBRA plan to cover her cancer treatments.
Now, Rocio and her children are Medicaid eligible and pay nothing to stay healthy.

Rocio is a mother of two children and a cancer survivor living in Brooklyn. When she left her job, she was paying for COBRA because she couldn’t be uninsured due to the cancer. She often struggled to pay the premiums, but she did anything she could to make it work. When her COBRA was about to run out in December 2014, she knew she needed to find a way to get her family covered. She met with a Navigator at Make the Road New York to get help, and found out that she and her children were Medicaid eligible and signed up right there. Rocio was so overwhelmed with joy that she began to cry, “Que regalo de navidad!” “What a Christmas Present!” she said.

“Que regalo de navidad!”

“What a Christmas Present!”

Special thanks to Make the Road New York for contributing this story!

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