The ACA is Working: Samantha’s Story

Samantha O., Schuyler County

Posted December, 9 2014 by Amanda

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Samantha O.NY_224_at_the_Schuyler_County_line

Enrolled in: Medicaid
Final premium: Free
Before the ACA, Samantha had to travel over an hour to get care she urgently needed.
Now, she can get affordable care, close to home.




Samantha from Watkins Glen struggles with severe anxiety. She and her family had good insurance through Veterans Affairs (VA), but the VA hospital was over an hour from home. Driving long distances can trigger Samantha’s anxiety attacks and so she hoped to find a closer option through the Marketplace. With help from a Navigator at S2AY Rural Health Network, Samantha enrolled her family in Medicaid with providers much closer to home. Now, Samantha can get the health care services she needs without compromising her health.

“[I am] relieved to have health insurance when needed for emergencies, health checkups, etc., and I won’t have anxiety attacks because I won’t have to drive so far.”

Special thanks to the S2AY Rural Health Network for contributing this story!

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