Governor Cuomo proposal to eliminate premiums for 400,000 New Yorkers

Posted January, 11 2021 by carrie

If you tuned in to Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address today, you heard him say that he will eliminate premiums for 400,000 New Yorkers! HCFANY applauds this proposal which will eliminate the $20 monthly premium for some Essential Plan enrollees with incomes up to $25,500 per year. Currently, people with household incomes at 150-200% […]

People of Color in New York Would Particularly Benefit from Medical Debt Protections

Posted November, 19 2020 by admin

Author: Emily Vaculik, Citizen Action of New York     The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the debt problems of many Americans but has had particularly bad impacts on those already struggling. Families devastated by the impacts of the virus often have to confront additional burdens — abusive debt collection tactics for their medical bills. Decades of discriminatory […]

New York and the Affordable Care Act: What Do We Have to Lose?

Posted November, 10 2020 by Amanda Dunker

 The Supreme Court is again hearing arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Some legal scholars believe the most likely outcome is that the individual mandate is removed while the rest of the law stays in place. That would have no meaningful impact on health coverage in New York.  (See our new […]

Medicare and COVID-19

Posted November, 9 2020 by Amanda Dunker

Policymakers in New York are doing everything they can to protect New Yorkers from medical debt because of the coronavirus public health emergency. New Yorkers are enrolled in so many different types of health insurance that it can be hard to know when a COVID-19 protection applies to you. To help, HCFANY and the Medicare […]