Tell New York to Lower Insurance Premiums by July 1

Posted June, 27 2022 by Amanda Dunker

Despite reporting record profits during the pandemic, all of New York’s 12 individual market insurance companies plan to increase premiums in 2023.  Costs could increase by a whopping 19 percent on average, meaning New Yorkers would spend a greater share of their budget on health care and less on food, transportation and other necessities – […]

Legislative Session Recap: #EndMedicalDebt

Posted June, 22 2022 by Amanda Dunker

As New York’s 2022 legislative session comes to a close, advocates are taking stock of progress made on the campaign to end the burden of medical debt for patients across the state. The campaign secured a few important wins, but there’s still work to be done to #EndMedicalDebt. Only one bill did not pass New […]

Mental Health and Medical Debt

Posted May, 24 2022 by Amanda Dunker

Carol Voytko, a 48-year old former health care worker, is “physically and mentally exhausted.” Not only has her breast cancer left her unable to work, but she still does not qualify for financial assistance – leaving her over $500,000 in debt from surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, even with private insurance. The financial battle she faces, […]

2022 Budget Roundup

Posted April, 26 2022 by Amanda Dunker

New York’s 2021-2022 budget includes some important provisions that will help patients access affordable health care. But the state could have done so much more given its 31 percent increase in tax revenue and budget surplus. Successful coverage expansions that were advocated for by HCFANY include: Essential Plan: The budget increases the eligibility limit for […]