Medicare and COVID-19

Posted November, 9 2020 by Amanda Dunker

Policymakers in New York are doing everything they can to protect New Yorkers from medical debt because of the coronavirus public health emergency. New Yorkers are enrolled in so many different types of health insurance that it can be hard to know when a COVID-19 protection applies to you. To help, HCFANY and the Medicare […]

Census Data Shows Big Coverage Gaps for New York’s American Indian Population

Posted October, 22 2020 by Amanda Dunker

2019 Census data shows that 13.9 percent of people who identified as American Indian or Alaska Natives are uninsured in New York, compared to just 5.2 percent for the general population. Only eight counties in New York produced enough data to create good estimates, but even if we can’t see it it’s likely that American […]

New York Protected Coverage Gains During 2019

Posted September, 18 2020 by Amanda Dunker

New York State’s uninsured rate hit an all-time low of 5.2 percent in 2019, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. New York has made continual coverage gains since 2010, when 11.9 percent of New Yorkers were uninsured. Approximately 68 percent of covered New Yorkers had private plans, while 40 percent had some […]

There Are Still Huge Disparities in Federal Provider Relief Funding

Posted August, 12 2020 by Amanda Dunker

The Provider Relief Fund created by the Coronoavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the biggest source of support for healthcare providers caring for COVID-19 patients. Yet, CARES Act disbursements vary enormously across New York, with little relationship to COVID-19’s burden. Providers in Putnam County, which has had around 1,400 confirmed COVID-19 cases, […]