Medicaid Slated for Half Billion in Budget Cuts

Posted August, 15 2008 by arianne

In an effort to avert the looming fiscal crisis, Governor Paterson issued a series of cost-savings proposals on Monday which included shaving the State’s Medicaid budget by $506 million.  While the strike against Medicaid accounts for fully half of the proposed budget reductions, these reductions will not affect Medicaid eligibility, benefits, or cost-sharing.  On Thursday, […]

HCFANY replies to the Urban Institute Modeling Instructions

Posted July, 22 2008 by arianne

In response to the July 21st deadline HCFANY commended the New York State Departments of Health and Insurance (“the Departments”) for welcoming public comments to their draft modeling instructions. HCFANY is pleased to see the inclusion of several parameters such as: the inclusion of immigrants in all proposals, the use of the Family Health Plus […]

American Cancer Society Speaks Out Against A395/S6385

Posted July, 11 2008 by arianne

As mentioned before, HCFANY is on record opposing a bad bill that would expand Healthy NY. Today, the American Cancer Society (ACS) issued its own letter urging that Governor Paterson disapprove the Healthy NY insurance bill, A395/S6385. In its letter, ACS stated that Healthy NY’s inadequate drug coverage makes it unpopular among businesses and their employees and offers a false insurance promise […]

State Invites Public Comment on Urban Institute's Modeling Instructions

Posted July, 10 2008 by arianne

In March, the state finalized a contract with the Urban Institute (UI) to model out various proposals for health insurace reform in order to provide quantitative analyses on the cost and coverage of various proposals.  The state has recently publicized the instructions given to the UI in order to guide the modeling process, and has opened them […]